4 Miles – Space=Time

4 miles on roads with no respect for anything without a motor. An hour of public transit. This brings me to the beginning.
Just a day like any other. The only difference is the events changed. Past tense. After the fact. Things are not always what they seem at first sight. Sometimes there is more, right beneath the surface. And on this day i found how far it actually goes.

Jarred awake by a bump on the road. Disorientation, where am I? Riding the bus, home. The sun is setting and someone has left the window in front of me open, wind is gushing in. It is kind of cold, weird for this time of year, but then again there has not been much normalcy lately. I got dropped off in a pretty abandoned area, I feel like exploring today.

It feels like fall today, it could be fall if I didn’t know any better. Flying through the streets, criss-crossing one way and stop signs mean nothing when you are on a bike. As the sun fades away, it’s last breath is an explosion of color on the horizon, a warm tone scream across the sky being engulfed in darkness.
In this light my eyes become more aware of the character of this place. the pitted and crumbling roads and sidewalks left uneven by the strength of nature. The texture of the walls show the wear of a hundred years. What exactly I am looking for, I don’t know. Just a quick glimpse of the past, maybe something new amongst things so old.



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