72 hours ago…

There was a fire in the sky and the towers sang a beautiful frequency.


There was great light, sudden illumination of all in sight. The universe seemed to open and a single beam of light was all that could be seen. I felt around in the darkness and found myself atop a large pile of rubble. A man made structure returned to its original state. A mountain of destruction. The single line contained a message without words without sound without form. So much information all known at once, felt like revelation.
That was a dream. I am sure of that. But there was information wrapped in this surreal situation. I think i know what it means. I must follow my dreams…

Awake on the bus.

Some snow still remains

Some snow still remains

The dream still lingers, but when was I asleep? The static of lost information still hung in the air. Shake your head clear, focus. This is the stop.

Peddling till the blood burns, radiate heat, turn this rain to steam. A big storm is coming. I can see it.


Have to go faster, but there was something strange about that building. Deja Vu.
Night falls again, it gets later, it gets earlier, back to the streets.
Music fills the air and there is a strange energy flowing in the space between the bricks in the road, magnetism.
Sounds of Daikaiju draw me inside.

Daikaiju2 copy

As the night goes on and the colors blur,

a return to wandering the streets.
There were lights in the sky, more deja vu….

the lights
The sun rose above the cathode ray’s receiver.
Shrouded in clouds IT’S rays were scrambled.


Coffee is the ultimate fuel on days like this. Where will it go today?


A man plays a beautiful rendition of “Cast your fate to the wind”.


Off we go. Music coming from all directions, just follow the sounds.
We hear Mazaj, but keep wandering.


Down narrow streets and past urban farms,


we find another sound,
the pulse of Odu Afrobeat Orchestra.


Dancing in the streets.


The sun is falling on the horizon,


A slight distortion.


As the stars light up we find a hidden place…

It still feels like fall, even the smell and sound of leaves crunching underfoot.


Halloween is everyday here…
All the attractions…
and we become something else.


Here comes the sun…

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