72 Hours ago…

Not sleeping for long periods will give you strange dreams…

For 6 minutes and 39 seconds my eyes closed and I experienced 24 hours.

I found myself naked and walking through a vast desert, the sun was high and the air was dry.
I could taste the sand and feel it between my teeth. By looking at the sun could tell I was walking west. As my feet scraped across the coarse, cracked earth my skin grew darker. In the distance I could see a small tree, it was all there was for miles. In the background of this desert there were mountains, and they glistened like the ones draped in stars from a dream past. I reached the tree and underneath a man sat cross legged with his eyes pointed to the sky. His skin showed the wear of a hundred years in this place but he had not a single wrinkle. I did not want to disturb him so I sat like him and stared, and waited. Time seemed to speed and the world around lapsed . as the sun set the moon took its place, large on the horizon. at that moment he looked at me straight in the eye and he knew me, and I knew him. His eyes were bright red and brown tones of the earth. He spoke no words, but hummed a song that left images in my mind. An aerial view of the city,
the tree of life symbol
and in each spot a symbol that looked very familiar to me, but i could not place where I had seen it before.
It was a symbol so foreign yet familiar. After the vision of the last symbol his eyes went back to the sky and time sped up again. As the sun returned its light blinded me, as my eyes closed there they opened here. I was awakened.
That symbol is very familiar to me. I thought hard about it and while going trough some pictures I see it on the back of some guys jacket. So I head back to 1245.
I have a drink and try to think how I am going to bring this up without sounding crazy.
I mention the band that played the other night and ask if they remember anyone with a leather jacket with stuff painted on it. They tell me that he is a regular and comes to most shows of the sort. So I plan on coming back on a night they are having a show Friday. Here comes the sun.