72 Hours ago…

I see symbols everywhere I go.
A bite to eat,
and the last lick of sunlight.
The hands of creation.

That night at 1245 I see the jacket with the symbol on it again. In between the bands I ask the guy what the symbol means.

He says it is just something that he came up with and he uses it as a signature for his art.

After a couple beers I tell him the symbol must have stuck out in my mind because I had a dream with it in it. He looked at me with a very blank stare and did not say anything.


I tried to change the subject but he said he wanted to know more about the dream. I was really apprehensive about telling him because of the strangeness of it. He said he has lots of weird dreams, in fact a dream is partially where the symbol came from. I felt very uneasy about this now. The dream I had was very vivid and very surreal, how could this all be connected. I guess when you go out looking for connections you have to be ready for what you find.

I told him in full detail the dream and he sat and listened very intently. After I was done he told me there was someone I needed to meet, he also had a dream about these things. In fact there were a couple of them and they went out frequently and did art in the streets that connected images from their collective dreams. They often felt compelled to do so. This guy that I was going to meet actually found the rest of them and brought them together to try and figure this out. None of them had ever dreamed something so detailed before though and there never was another symbol involved. He asked what I knew about the other symbol that I saw. Actually a lot I said. I did some research on it an a friend of mine actually had a book that went through some descriptions and reasons for use.

He told me they all keep a pretty low profile as a group but they often meet just outside of the city. He would not give me an address though and said when they met again he would contact me. So I gave him my number and left the bar feeling more confused than when I got there.


When I got home I kept staring at the map of the city wondering what the tree of life symbol and the city had to do with each other. while staring at the criss-crossing streets that I ride through every night I began to see patterns in the way the streets crossed. I looked back and forth between the city and the symbol and wondered where each point would be if the symbol was a map. As I laid the symbol over top I saw that each point matched up with something on the map. A monument here, a fountain, a corner of a building.


If this was a coincidence it was the weirdest one I had ever encountered. So I started on my research and found info on each location on the map and its corresponding point in the tree of life. I put it all together and got it ready, maybe it would mean something to this group of people. As weird as this was it was beginning to feel very natural, as if I may have already known all of this but forgot it somehow. Here comes the sun.

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