Tonight I Fly

The circuits hummed my name as I dreamed of a universe. They hummed not the name of my birth, but the name I was given.

As I blinked away the dreams and looked onto my screen, a message had just arrived.

Jules Finally contacted me. He said it took him a while to get back to me because he thought I was either joking or crazy. He had not heard from me in a year and since I was not really living anywhere he did not know where to find me. He had called me numerous times but he just figured I was trying to leave all of this weirdness behind. Hess was pretty disappointed, he thought I would have been help in his situation for some reason.

He also said that Hes had gotten pretty deep into the story behind this Xarcon Co. but had no way to use this information he had found. Jules and Hailey really had no idea that the deal was except that it was so crazy he didn’t feel safe talking about it with them until he had a plan on how to use it to his or our advantage.

I wanted to meet with Hes right away. It turned out to be a little difficult. Hes had gone to the desert for a couple weeks. There was a gathering of like minded people out there, he felt it was the only place to find answers to his growing problems with Xarcon Co. Hailey and Jules had to many obligations to follow him out there but surprisingly he had an extra ticket that was just going to waste, all I had to do was find a way out there.

He said it was pretty rough out there and I would need some supplies. He knew a couple people that were just on their way there. If I could get most of the way there they could take me to the right place. I needed this information. I need to see if my dreams of the desert were for a reason. They seemed too real to be dreams. I had to know.

I pulled together what funds I could and booked a flight.


Tonight I fly…

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